Transforming Wound Care Through State-of-the-Art Technology

Connecting Medical Device, Digital Health and Cloud-Based Technology To Drive Wound Care Product Innovation


Pretika Medical is modernizing wound care management with “Connected” technology. An enabled medical device system and digital health technology.

Integrating with EHR, our Connected Wound Care Technology uses an embedded Advanced Imaging, Sensor and Data Analytic Device for Physicians, Nurses and Med-Tech to monitor through cloud-based software Wound Healing, Post-Surgery Healing and Diseases remotely or in-person without having to remove the surgical dressings, bandages, wraps or casts. With intuitive diagnostic and AI tools to capture accurate real-time healing, measurements, automatically prompt and document appropriate actions, and create a continuous, standardized clinical record.

Based in Irvine, California, Pretika Medical is committed to being a leader in the wound care category to improve patient care, better health outcomes, and lower cost of care.


Real-time results to Increase Effectiveness of Wound Management,
Lower Out-Patient Costs*

Embedded Connected Wound Care Device in Dressings, Casts

Wireless Device to Cloud Technology

UI/UX APP for smart device and Desktop monitoring

Cloud Software

AI to monitor via images and sensors changes in healing and automatically alerts the physician – providing preventative medicine

Physicians, nurses and med-tech and access images, data, measurements and analytics at any time

Web App - management and analysis