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Taking the Lead With Innovative Wound Care Solutions

Medical Imaging, Sensor, and Data Analytic Advancements

Connected Wound Care

Pretika MedTech is reimagining outpatient and inpatient care with connected wound care. Its non-invasive, embedded medical device + wireless digital health technology provides advanced imaging, sensor and data analytics for Physicians and Nursing teams to monitor post-surgery, wound and disease healing remotely or in-person without having to remove the surgical dressings, bandages, wraps or casts.*

Pretika MedTech is innovating a new Wound Care device category for patient monitoring - medical device + digital care under its patent-pending CONNECTED BODY SURFACE CARE MODULES Technology. Connected Wound Care devices embedded within wound care dressings provide imaging and sensors that captures powerful medical images and collects critical data on the patients remotely. View the technology link.

Current wound management consists of point-of-care or mobile imaging and data measurement devices.

  • Standard dressings do not provide insights into the status of the wound underneath—parameters such as moisture, pressure, temperature, and pH inside the dressings are indicative of the healing rate, infection, and wound healing phase.
  • When using traditional dressings to cover a wound, a clinician or patient cannot determine the stage or status of the healing process without removing the dressing. No information is available from within the dressing. It must be removed to inspect the wound and then rebandaged. This inspection process disturbs the normal wound healing process, in addition to causing discomfort to the patient and increasing costs to the medical insurer or patient.
  • Imaging and sensor technology embedded in the dressing is not currently in the market, limiting clinicians from important information that would aid in wound care decision making, improve patient comfort, and reduce the frequency of dressing changes—remotely and in‑person.

Unlock the Power of Connected Wound Care Technology to Harness the Transformative Power of New Technology and Turn Data into Trusted intelligence

Pretika is working on a solution to this with a surgical dressing, bandage, wrap, or cast embedded module comprised of camera/lens/sensors/LED/battery/PCBA/Wi-Fi antenna/IC chip/Bluetooth and Cloud Software to monitor wounds, post-surgery healing, and diseases remotely or in-person without having to remove the surgical dressings, bandages, wraps, or casts. *


Connected Wound Care Technology Module Embedded Within Wide-Range of Dressings: Post-Operative Surgery Dressing Post-Operative Cast Dressing Fracture/Broken Bone Cast Dressing Chronic Disease Monitoring Wraps Specialized Version Utilizing Flexible “Flex Circuit Technology” for Integration with Medical Wearables.

Patent-pending Connected Wound Care technology. Device and software specific for the type of surgery or wound management. Disposable / Single use. Designed to work with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy devices. *

*CAUTION - Investigational device. Limited by Federal (or United States) law to Investigational use. In the United States, this device is Investigational Use only. The performance characteristics of this product have not been established. This product is not yet available for use in the US and is pending submission and approval by the United States Food and Drug Administration. All performance claims listed are project goals only.